"We need two trays of 10-1's!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Oh yeah! And another tray of quarters!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Some grilled chicken! 6 of them!"

"...yes, sir..."

"And some more bacon!"




And that's precisely how my days in the pithole of McDonalds went. They also have this ability to be quite unorganised people who don't bother to give the 'new girl' her schedule until exactly 2 hours before she can start the shift she hasn't an idea that she's doing. All last night, whilst cleaning the grills and quietly humming some tunes to myself, scores of people came up to me asking for me to either 'speak' or 'smile', whom I didn't reply to, of course, out of sheer annoyance. Yes, kids! Smile! I'm standing 6 hours in a steamy grill working at top speed to meet demands of fat, unwanted people who couldn't live a bloody day without some sort of greasy-filled cow carcass instilled into their stomaches! Can't say I exactly smile to cooking cows anyways, considering I'm a vegetarian.

This was a mistake! A mistake! But I shall keep on doing the filthy job until I get my needed amount of money. Ah, the price of money. Is it worth it? Yes, perhaps. I haven't the slightest where I am at the moment, though.